Air Gun Abhiyaan: 2000 People Surrendered their Hunting Guns

Air Gun Abhiyaan: 2000 People Surrendered their Hunting Guns

Wildlife is an important part of our nature and maintains ecological balance in the environment. Keeping this in mind the “Air Gun Abhiyaan” was started in lumbung village, East Kameng.

Air Gun Abhiyaan

Later, the Air gun surrender campaign was initiated by Ministry of Environment, i.e., the Union Minister of State for forest, Environment and climatic change “Ashwini Kumar Choubey” launched the programme named Air Gun Surrender Campaign all over the country for saving the wildlife by urging people people to not to shoot the wild animals and birds.

In Arunachal Pradesh, over 2000 air guns have been surrendered by the people to protect the wildlife, i.e., animals and birds. On Thursday, Forest and Environment Minister of Arunachal Pradesh Mama Natung In Kamle district called upon the residents of Sikiputu and Raga who surrendered 90 personal air guns and become the part of the Air Gun Surrender Abhiyaan.  

Hunting: A way of living

The main question arises is that what is the need of doing hunting? For many communities in Arunachal Pradesh, hunting is way of fulfilling the basic necessities, i.e., a way of livelihood. People do the act of killing to eat or to sell those animals for their skins horns and many other parts which are used for commercial purposes. It was a history and culture that is gifted by their ancestors who used to do this as a seasonal activity. But now various air, licensed guns and rifles have been found very easily in market which has become a main cause in the decrease of endangered species. If this will continue to happen, one day the forests will get disappear. 

So, to save the wildlife this initiative Air Gun Abhiyaan was taken and various programmes have been organised in different states of Arunachal Pradesh so that people surrender their guns and help in the conservation of wildlife. People in return receive a certificate of appreciation. Nowadays there are many more activities that people can do for their living and would pay them more than hunting. People are understanding this aspect and protecting the wildlife by joining this initiative. Representatives from social organizations, retired forest workers and many other wildlife savers are also indulged in this project to prevent the shooting and killing of wild animals and birds. 

Health and Family Welfare Minister, i.e., Alo Libang was also present in the ceremony on Thursday and guided people to maintain the ecological balance and help in increase of the biodiversity by protecting and preserving the wildlife. He said that this will also increase the district’s tourism potential by making more people attracted towards watching the wildlife. 

This is how this initiative is contributing in protecting the wildlife and making people aware of the need of ecological balance. The state government has saved so many wild animals and birds by doing this practice and it has also appealed to the neighborhood states like Assam, Nagaland to become a part of this initiative. We should appreciate those people who have become a part of this air gun abhiyaan and stopped hunting.

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