Shocking: Biden is Funding New Wuhan Lab?

Shocking: Biden is Funding New Wuhan Lab?

In a recently published paper, it was mentioned that the researchers from the COVID-19 linked the Wuhan Institute of Virology and a disgraced researcher Peter Dasak’s Eco Health Alliance have initiated new research on “recombinant” coronaviruses in rodents. It was mentioned that the Chinese regime as well as Joe Biden’s international department provided the funds and support to such a life-threatening and dangerous work.

Research carried out on rodents and shrews after bats to assemble the data

The October document, “A Novel Potentially Recombinant Rodent Coronavirus with a Polybasic Cleavage Site in the Spike Protein” – shows how the researchers used the rodents and shrews as the samples for testing and collected the widespread presence of coronavirus from the wild. Before this during COVID-19, the Wuhan Institute of Virology executed various similar expeditions to gather data about the bats. 

With the samples they have collected during the research, the researchers from the Wuhan Lab in collaboration with the non-profit organization of America, i.e., Eco-Health Alliance invented the “Killer” viruses which they boasted are capable of direct human infection.

The new paper, which includes the seven Chinese State-run scientific institutions with one person affiliated with the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, is penned by three Eco Health Alliance Researchers including the researcher President Peter Dasak.

Results bring off from the recombination analysis

In this study, we tested nearly 300 rodents collected from urban and rural sites in southern China,” the researchers said. The paper summarizes its methodology which yielded the following results:

In this research, we sample 297 rodents and shrews, representing eight different species, from three municipalities of China. We reported through this research coronavirus prevalence of 23.3 percent and 0.7 percent in Guangzhou and Guilin, respectively.  Through these samples, we detected a higher coronavirus prevalence in urban areas as compared to those in rural areas. We obtained three coronavirus genome sequences from Rattus norvegicus, including a Betacoronavirus (rat coronavirus [RCoV] GCCDC3), an Alphacoronavirus (RCoV-GCCDC5), and a novel Betacoronavirus (RCoV-GCCDC4). Recombination analysis suggests that there was a potential recombination event involving RCoV-GCCDC4, murine hepatitis virus (MHV), and Longquan Rl rat coronavirus (LRLV).

This in-depth analysis of recombination suggests that there was a strong recombination event involving RCoV-GCCDC4, murine hepatitis virus (MHV), and Longquan Rl rat coronavirus (LRLV).  Moreover, we uncovered a polybasic cleavage site, RARR, in the spike (S) protein of RCoV-GCCDC4, which is dominant in RCoV,” the paper adds.

Among the paper’s financial supporters, there were several Chinese Communist Party-run scientific bodies, including the ties with the regime military. President Joe Biden’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has also provided the funds for this portion of the study related to the field animals. These studies involving funds through China regimes as well as American Non- profit organization shows that they both are responsible for such threatening viruses spreading across the world.


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