One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of South Korea, Bithumb says it will distribute non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital art for the traders every time the country wins a medal at the Winter Olympics, Beijing. 

As per the criteria given by NFTs, it says that jointly with blockchain-based sports content platform they will provide NFT to the traders who have made the transaction more than 1 million Korean won (US$ 835) worth of FIT. The offering given by Bithumb will be available for 24 hours that will start at midnight after every win made by a Korean athlete. 

Related facts

  • Bithumb had a plan to distribute one special and ten regular NFT on every winning made by Olympic medalist of South Korea. 
  • According to the data given from CryptoSlam, it has been finding out that sports now become the key Industry that pushes cryptocurrencies and their trading. As there is a record of sporting fan tokens that have become double NFT in total sales. 
  • Bithumb is of the view that it will continue to work towards creating coordination and synergy between sports and digital assets.
  • Bithumb has started this offer to motivate South Korean athletes because to date, the country has no medals in hand at Beijing Olympics which is scheduled to end on Feb 20. 
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