Omicron Vs Delta Variant: An Analysis

Omicron Vs Delta Variant: An Analysis

In the last two studies of the UK and South Africa, it is shown that the omicron variant is less severe as compared to Delta Variant. People now want to know that,

  • how contagious the virus is?
  • How bad an impact it can cause on our body?
  • What is the importance of booster dose for protection from Omicron variant?

So, to provide the information regarding all these key questions Mr. Eric Topol, MD, the editor-in-chief of Medscape and a cardiologist at Scripps Research Translational Institute La Jolla, CA has provided the good and bad for the Omicron variant on December 11, 2021, through his recent study.

He said that the Omicron variant is less severe or virulent as compared to the Delta variant which is 40 to 75%. This is because of reduced risk of hospitalizations, adjustment for different factors which is very good. 

The first analysis, done by WHO, showed that there is a 20% reduced risk of requiring any hospital care for the omicron patients for their treatment and a 40% lower risk of staying at the hospital overnight, compared to those infected by the Delta variant. 

The recent study also showed that in low-income countries only 8.1% of people have been completely vaccinated, and the rest who are dealing with the virus through their natural immunity have the protection of as low as 19%  against omicron according to the study, which is so less compared to the past COVID infection.

The risk of reinfection is five times higher in the case of the Omicron variant compared to the Delta Variant.

How much protection doses the last two-dose will provide through the omicron variant?

According to the recent study, the omicron has its own protection to overcome the benefits of the last two vaccines saving you from Delta Variant. The protection provided to you through the last two vaccines is 20% which is not much different from those with natural immunity.

Importance of Booster Dose

The booster will reduce the risk and provide you the protection up to 55- 80%  even for those who have symptoms of the omicron variant. Thus, to get the booster dose which works as a great security guard for your body from reinfection. The study preferred and told about AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines. 

Is the omicron variant less severe as compared to Delta Variant?

From the recent studies, the experts and scientists have been drawn the conclusion that the omicron variant is less severe as compared to the Delta variant, but the risk of infection is much greater. But they also said that it is less virulent or severe only for the adults of the countries not for the children. So, the parents must be aware and try to not let their children go out as much as possible.

Yeah, this is true that the omicron variant is less severe than the Delta variant but WHO told that the infection of the variant decreases the immunity of the body and would increase the unhealthy state of humans.

This would become a cause for major diseases in the bodies, so, we should follow the regulations and control measures made in our country to remain healthy. Also, the necessity of the booster dose has been described in the article so get yourself vaccinated to prevent and protect yourself from the infection.

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