In this broth of tradition and modernity, here is a list of top fashion designers in Delhi taking Delhi’s fashion game to the next level. Along with creating chic outfits that are nothing short of a statement, these designers weave the narratives of the city with every warp and weft.

  • Delhi is the torch bearer of fashion in the country.
  • Delhi’s fashion is a mix of traditional and contemporary influences. 
  • From minimal handloom fabrics to detailed bridal wear, the heterogeneity in designs proves the versatility of Delhi’s fashion designers.

The streets of Delhi are nothing short of a  sensory overload. It is something only Delhiites can fathom. From the swarming streets of old Delhi to the posh shopping districts frequented by diplomats and celebrities, you’ll experience a spectrum of sights, sounds, and smells that narrate the story of Delhi’s rich past and dynamic present.

Amidst this scenic and cultural diversity, Delhi’s fashion landscape stands out as a tribute to the city’s creative energy. 

1- Dev Singh

dev singh fashion designer in delhi

Dev Singh, a fashion designer in Delhi, is the founder of a one-of-a-kind label called- “The Leela Couture”. He is a jack of all trades who specializes in lehangas, suits, sarees and indo-western pieces. He has a silhouette for every mood. 


2- Endrica John

dev singh fashion designer in delhi

Endrica John is recognized for her ethereal silhouettes, creating unforgettable looks. Her collections are a beautiful blend of bold patterns, pushing the boundaries of the latest fashion.  


3- Mazhar Rizvi

Mazhar Rizvi fashion designer in delhi

Mazhar Rizvi founded the popular silk clothing brand: “WM2”. Rizvi is the creative director of his one-of-a-kind brand. Their bespoke silk, linen and banarasi pieces are inspired by the Mughals and Rajputanas.


4- Sanjay Mittal

Sanjay Mittal fashion designer in delhi

Along with being a designer well known for his captivating designs, Sanjay Mittal is lauded amongst the Top 3 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs by The Times of India and is also a Times Business awards winner in the young entrepreneur’s category.


5- Ashfaque Ahmad 

Ashfaque Ahmad  fashion designer in delhi

Ashfaque Ahmad is also one of best fashion designer  well known for the intricacy and detailing in his couture. The passion he has is reflected eminently in his work. He has showcased his work in prestigious fashion shows like The Delhi Times Fashion Week. 


As Delhi continues to evolve, so does its fashion panorama. The forward-thinking approach of designers ensures that Delhi remains the torch bearer of the fashion industry, setting trends that resonate far beyond its borders.

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