Klever wallet is a low-code integrated blockchain platform that enables businesses and individuals to unleash the full potential of the decentralized economy and harness the power of blockchain technology to better manage money and maximize profits.

Klever Wallet is a complete, powerful and easy-to-use wallet. Chosen by over 3 million users in over 190 countries. The Klever wallet is more than just A wallet application is also a decentralized finance like a bank wealth management project.

The klever k5 wallet is like a bank card account. You only need to deposit USDT into your wallet, and it will automatically mine to earn income for you. Its income is higher than bank interest and can be withdrawn at any time.

Benefits of smart contract mining pools with Klever wallet

To participate in the smart contract Klever Wallet mining pool, you first need to activate the liquidity smart contract node verification. Anyone can create a liquidity smart contract mining node on Klever and become a permanent user of the node. Store 25 trx to activate the mining pool and obtain permanent node users.

After successfully activating the mining pool node, you only need to store usdt in the klever k5 wallet to get the commission reward brought by the automatic mining of the liquidity smart contract.

Sign up for a Klever Wallet (K5) account now and enjoy 2%-15% overnight interest.

For example, if you hold 501USDT in k5, you will get 15.03USDT plus your principal equal to 516.03USDT in the mining pool the next day, and you can earn 100-500USDT per month.

Liquid smart contract mining pool profit reference ratio:

  • 1.00 – 500.00 USDT 2%
  • 501.00 – 1000.00 3%
  • 1001.00 – 5000.00 USDT 5%
  • 5001.00 – 30000.00 USDT 6%
  • 30001.00 – 99999.00 USDT 8%
  • 100000.00 – 200000.00 USDT 9%
  • 200001.00 – 500000.00 USDT 10%
  • 500001.00 – 1000000.00 USDT 13%
  • 1000001.00 – 999999999.99 USDT 15%

Team introduction

After participating in klever wallet personal mining, you can also use your own klever k5 wallet link to create a good team (for example: if you recommend your friend to join your klever team, your friend recharges 1000usdt, and the overnight interest is 50 USDT, you You can earn 12% commission from 50 USDT, your commission is 6 USDT, the more members you have, the higher the team commission you get).

How to calculate the team rebate

Invite friends to join the node by sending an invitation link, and you can get

  • (A) 12% commission of member income.
  • (A) Member invites friends (B) to join the node, and can get 6% commission of (B) member’s income.
  • (B) Members who invite friends (C) members to join the node can get 3% of (C) member income.

The Klever blockchain is inclusive and available to all. The smart contract mining pool plan allows anyone to participate, earn rewards, participate in mining through node verification, and earn mining income.

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