Aribot’s Automated Threat Modeling solution seamlessly integrates with your existing CI/CD pipeline, harnessing the power of AI to automatically visualize and pinpoint potential threats within your applications and public cloud environments, including AWS and Azure.

What is Aribot?

Aribot’s Automated Threat Modeling tool offers a dynamic and proactive approach to threat assessment and mitigation, all within the convenience of your existing workflows. Through seamless integration and AI-driven insights, it empowers businesses to safeguard their digital landscapes with intelligence and precision.

By generating traceable security requirements throughout the software lifecycle, you gain the ability to proactively tackle and mitigate threats before they manifest into issues. This innovative solution also intelligently aligns these security requirements with reputable compliance frameworks like NIST CSF, thus streamlining the often complex task of adhering to compliance standards.

Conducting a Comprehensive Business Threat Assessment using Aribot involves the following steps:

1. Integration: Begin by seamlessly integrating Aribot into your existing CI/CD pipelines. This strategic integration empowers Aribot to perpetually scan your codebase and infrastructure, vigilantly identifying potential threats.

2. Threat Identification: Aribot’s advanced AI undertakes a thorough analysis of your systems, meticulously identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats.

The outcome is a comprehensive and detailed report that not only highlights these threats but also delineates their potential impact.

3. Remediation Strategy: Armed with the insights from the report, you can strategically prioritize threats based on their severity and risk to your business. Aribot comes to your aid by assisting in the creation of an effective remediation plan.

It achieves this by generating tailored Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates designed to mitigate specific cloud-based threats.

4. Continuous Surveillance: With Aribot seamlessly integrated into your CI/CD pipelines, a constant vigil is maintained over your systems for the emergence of new threats.

This proactive approach ensures that potential vulnerabilities are swiftly detected and addressed, thus significantly minimizing their potential impact on your business.

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What is Threat Modeling?

Threat modeling is a structured approach to identifying potential vulnerabilities, risks, and security threats in a system, application, or network.
It involves analyzing how these threats could be exploited, determining their potential impact, and devising strategies to mitigate or eliminate them. The goal of threat modeling is to proactively enhance the security of a system by identifying weaknesses and designing countermeasures before they can be exploited by attackers.
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