Gucci, one of the most luxurious fashion brands around the globe has decided to buy land on Sandbox, a digital world platform.

The decision of this fashion brand will be able to provide a virtual fashion experience to their consumers. However, what experience they are going to provide has not to win disclosed yet.

Moreover, there is no information regarding the total amount invested by the fashion brand to obtain this digital land rights. 

While telling to the Vogue business, the sandbox tells that this space is there to Foster conversation about the metaverse and the future of fashion. Based on Gucci Vault, this fashion brand is all set to create a digital fashion experience, which houses the company’s metaverse projects. 

The fashion brand is moving towards Crypto

Gucci is considered as one of the leading fashion brands that move towards Crypto. After introducing NFT Gucci has now become the first luxury fashion brand to move towards cryptocurrency. This fashion brand also got huge recognition when one of the buyers has spent more than $4000on a Gucci bag which is worth $1,000 in real life. 

After hiring a manager by Gucci for its Discord server this fashion brand it is continuously making its move towards metaverse. This manager is responsible to oversee fans of its NFT project. For this position, Gucci requires someone who is knowing cryptocurrency community management and community building.

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