• Disney gave a hint of wider future involvement by advertising different roles for NFTs on its website. 
  • Disney has made an advertisement for different roles on the big platform including ESPN, Hulu.

From various sources, it has been discovered that Disney is looking for hiring different professionals to spearhead its ambitions of its NFT. 

Disney is looking for an eligible Business Development Manager who will be able to perform roles including the monitoring of the evolution of the sector as well as managing different key partners. It is looking for an expert who will work with its digital experience team that will be able to “Lead its efforts in the NFT space”. The candidates must have the desire to perform well with different NFT categories and also have a minimum of five years of experience as a business development associate. 

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are said to be unique kinds of digital assets verified by the blockchain. These NFTs cover artificial intelligence, music cover but more importantly, they have been applauded for their digital selling art. 

The former CEO of the company, Bob Iger described the association of Disney with NFT as an extraordinary opportunity. Last month while interviewing with the New York Times, he predicts the technology will explode, as people collect them “like baseball cards”. 

Roles offered by Disney

Apart from Business Development Manager other roles advertised by the firm includes knowledge of NFT in the career portal of the Walt Disney company. There is a position for the streaming platform of Disney of culture trend marketing manager who will be able to

“focus on how Hulu as a brand can break through into other spaces outside of strimming”. 

The other two vacancies demanded by the company include a Director of sales and digital marketing for Disney music group who will be able to lead its efforts for emerging Technologies. On the other hand Summer, 2022 intern has been required by ESPN to work with business development. The preferred qualification demanded by the company for these roles includes a deep understanding of technologies in the industries including blockchain technology, NFTS, and cryptocurrency. 

The big companies and traditional investors have drawn their attention towards the NFT market which ballooned to $41 billion in 2021. Like big companies, Disney is also investing in the metaverse. Disney has also signed a partnership with digital collectibles company Velve in June 2021 to sell NFTs based on the Marvel franchise. 

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