Twitter is a platform where many people posts videos, GIFs, tweets, and photos of their family and friends. Most of the viewed videos are from famous celebrities that are most viewed, replied to, and liked by users on Twitter.

The videos posted by famous personalities are interesting and the fans want to download those videos to save them permanently. There are many common people who upload memorable videos with their cats or other posts.

A lot of memes are available and circulated on Twitter in the form of GIFs, videos, and photos that you may want to download. Whatever the post may be Twitter doesn’t provide the facility for users of downloading videos, GIFs, or other posts. This is the reason for consideration of using a Twitter video downloader tool.

To save the Twitter videos you have to use a Twitter video downloading source to make your favorite Twitter videos faster and easier. The best choice is the Twitter Video Download tool.

About Twitter Video Downloader

Use Twitter Video Downloader tool, the best and most free Twitter video downloading website that allows unlimited downloading of Twitter video posts and GIF posts.

It is designed with advanced technology for the extraction of videos and GIFs from the video addresses and GIF address of Twitter.

You can download Twitter videos and GIFs quickly and easily in high-quality resolutions. It provides different video resolutions as in the quality of the video or GIF uploaded on Twitter.

By using the Twitter video download, you make the downloading task of Twitter videos and GIFs easier in a faster way. You can make collections of your favorite videos and GIFs of Twitter on your device to watch them later.

Open this Twitter video download on your Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, and Tablet that can have different operating systems.

For downloading Twitter videos and GIFs, it is important to download their link addresses. Following are the different methods to download Twitter videos and GIF addresses.

Different methods to copy video and GIF addresses from Twitter

  • 1st method – Copy the video address by right-clicking on the video and selecting the Copy video address option. And, the video or GIF address will get copied.
  • 2nd method – When you get the video or GIF that you were looking for, then click the video or GIF post. Then copy the video or GIF address from the address bar.
  • 3rd method – Click the share icon present with the video post and GIF post then you will get different options you have to select Copy link to tweet option.

We have an easier procedure for downloading Twitter videos and GIFs using Twitter video download tool that is as follows.

Download Twitter videos and GIFs quickly on your computer, PC, or desktop

  1. Open and you have paste the video address of Twitter in the input box.
  2. Visit the Twitter platform and search for the video or GIF video that you want to download by entering the topic name in the search box.
  3. When you get the video or GIF, you have to give right-click on the video or GIF then it will provide an option to Copy the video address or Copy the GIF address. There are other methods to copy video or GIF address that is mentioned above.
  4. Now, go to which is opened in your browser, and paste the video or GIF address in the input box.
  5. Click the download symbol button then you will get the video with download buttons of different resolutions.
  6. You can also play the video or GIF on this website before downloading.
  7. Every download button has a different video quality so click the download button in the quality you want the video or GIF.
  8. After clicking, the download will be started and the video or GIF will be saved on your device.

Download videos and GIFs easily from Twitter on a smartphone

  1. Find the video or GIF that you want to download on Twitter.
  2. Copy the video or GIF address by following the above-mentioned methods.
  3. Go to in your browser and paste it input box by holding long on the input box then press the paste option. Click the download symbol button.
  4. Then it will load the video or GIF with download buttons for video resolutions.
  5. You can also play the video or GIF on your mobile or Smartphone on this website tool.
  6. Press the download button in the quality you want to download the Twitter video or GIF.
  7. Then the video or GIF will be loaded on a new page. In the video or GIF, you can find a button with three dots. Tap that button and you will get different options but you have to select the Download option.
  8. Finally, the video or GIF will start downloading and get saved on your Smartphone.


Twitter may have several videos and GIFs but it doesn’t have the option to download any post. Downloading Twitter videos and GIFs is now easier by using the Twitter video download which is the finest website. It makes downloading videos and GIFs from Twitter faster and easier on any device. Bookmark this blog to access this blog quickly.

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