SUN Project Review: DeFi platforms are gaining more and more attention. In some ways, they are more in line with the attitude of early cryptocurrencies as DeFi projects push the financial sector towards decentralization.

Time and time again, emerging decentralized platforms governed by communities provide services similar to banks, exchanges, and more. DeFi projects allow users to store funds in wallets and earn interest.

DeFi platform users store funds in their wallets through liquidity provider token mining. In 2020, Justin Sun’s Tron Foundation, one of the most popular companies in the crypto industry, launched a new DeFi platform called SUN. The platform focuses on stablecoin swaps, stake mining and TRON autonomy. Unlike many other popular DeFi projects, SUN does not rely on Ethereum-based tokens (as Ethereum is a competitor of Tron), but exists based on the Tron blockchain.

What is the sun?

SUN is a DeFi platform and the native TRC20 token of the platform. It was created in 2020. SUN is not the only DeFi platform running on the Tron virtual machine. The platform is said to be 100% governed by the community, and the future price of the SUN token depends on the decisions and actions of the community. The platform was launched with no pre-mining or VC funding.

The total supply of tokens is 19,900,730 units. On the SUN platform, USDT tokens are mined through storage, which is one of the main activities carried out on the SUN platform. The daily trading volume of the SUN platform exceeds USD 8 million.

SUN users can use Tether (USDT) tokens, including TRX JST SUN smart contracts, for third-party audits to ensure user trust.

SUN platform, a platform for equity mining, liquidity mining and Tron autonomy. To start using the platform, you need to create a TronLink wallet (or one of the following wallets: klever k5 safepal assure or BitKeep) and connect it to SUN via the “Connect to wallet” button on the SUN link to your wallet page. A liquidity pool that can be created by SUN in Tether (USDT), stable currency mining USDT.

SUN users can store tokens (liquidity provider tokens) in their wallets. The USDT token represents a person’s share of tokens provided in the liquidity pool associated with the automated mining platform. Since USDT tokens are used to earn income, people strive to obtain additional income on the mining pool platform by depositing funds into wallet mining to automatically calculate the liquidity pool (provide liquidity).
The SUN platform is obtained by storing USDT tokens in the wallet, and additional profits are obtained from the mining of USDT tokens, and the fee is as high as 2%-15% of these fees.

Main features

The special feature of SUN is that users of the platform can withdraw cash freely, and users can transfer funds to another wallet, so users’ funds are safe and risk-free.

On June 24, 2021, Justin Sun tweeted that TRX/USDT/JST will be used on the SUN platform to obtain profit. By reading user reports, we can understand that profits are affected by market trends. People say they make a lot of money, while others would rather lose what they have. Therefore, before using the platform, it is best to learn how to make money through smart contract liquidity mining and do research on the cryptocurrency market to better understand its dynamics.


How to use SUN link?


If you want to participate in smart liquidity mining, you need to download the wallet and register the wallet and copy the link of the mining pool. Then, deposit USDT and 25 TRX. Once your deposit is in the wallet, you can open the mining pool by copying the smart contract link to your wallet browser, you need to use 25 TRX to activate the smart contract mining pool to start mining, activate successful liquidity mining Pool, liquid smart mining will calculate the profit ratio according to your wallet funds

The SUN platform and JST tokens you obtained through smart contract mining should belong to the SUN mining pool. You can convert JST to USDT on the SUN platform “Revenue Profit”. You can then withdraw USDT tokens to your wallet.

Mining rewards will be automatically unlocked 24 hours a day. You can withdraw the total mining revenue to your wallet at any time.

To participate in mining, you should download the wallet to register and deposit 25TRX for activating the mining pool node’s miner’s fee Obtain the mining smart contract link, paste it in the wallet browser and click the button to activate the mining smart contract. The “Select” button associated with the desired pool, you should click “Accept”. Then enter the password to activate the smart contract of the mining pool, and it will show success when you are done! Then, you need to store USDT in your wallet to earn daily mining income.

The income of the mining pool platform will generate reward income within 24 hours, you should enter the mining platform to exchange and withdraw to the wallet

Mining pool platform income introduction:

  • 1.00 – 500.00 USDT 2%
  • 501.00 – 1000.00 USDT 3%
  • 1001.00 – 5000.00 USDT 5%
  • 5001.00 – 30000.00 USDT 6%
  • 30001.00 – 99999.00 USDT 8%
  • 100000.00 – 200000.00 USDT 9%
  • 200001.00 – 500000.00 USDT 10%
  • 500001.00 – 1000000.00 USDT 13%
  • 1000001.00 – 999999999.99 USDT 15%

Team introduction:

After participating in klever wallet personal mining, you can also use your own klever k5 wallet link to create a good team (for example: if you recommend your friend to join your klever team, your friend recharges 1000usdt, and the overnight interest is 50usdt, you You can earn 12% commission from 50 usdt, your commission is 6 usdt, the more members you have, the higher the team commission you get).

How to calculate team rebate commission:

By sending an invitation link to invite friends to join the node, you can get (A) 12% commission of member income. (A) Member invites his friend (B) member to join the node, you can get 6% commission of (B) member’s income. (B) Member invites his friend (C) member to join the node, you can get 3% of (C) member’s income.

Is the sun safe?

There is little reason to doubt the level of security of the SUN mining pool platform. The truth is that the platform was developed by the TRON Foundation, a respected, experienced, and reputation-conscious company. The platform is audited and the mining pool platform is available to everyone. So far, there’s no reason to worry.

In conclusion

SUN is a very innovative and fresh platform that aims to challenge the dominance of Ethereum in the DeFi industry. Time will tell how effective community-led governance is. However, SUN is an interesting and profitable stable coin staking hub.

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